Shiva’s Fun

August 21st, 2016

After a long day Shiva was more than glad to come back to her appartment and take a shower. It was really hot outside and her body was screaming for some water. But before Shiva took a shower she decided to play with herself a bit. She decided to lube up her giant boobs and finger her shaved Indian kitten. But because Shiva’s boobs are so huge she emptied the whole bottle of baby oil before she was ready for her pussy play!

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In The Bathroom

August 14th, 2016

Ahh you just caught Shiva getting ready for a girls night out. Shive really loves to take her time in the bath to make sure she comes out ‘just right’. She takes a lot of time soaping up her huge milk jugs and of course her legs. She loves having soft skin so she has to take good care of it. In this set you have caught Shiva shaving her legs. She soaped herself up and made sure there were plenty of bubbles in the tub. Then she got out the razor, gently dragging it up her legs making sure she did them properly! And after she was done, she took out her white dildo. Well, time for a little fun before we go out, eh? ;)

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Busty Nurse

August 7th, 2016

Shiva has always had this ‘wanting’ to become a nurse, perhaps it goes back to the days when she played nurses and doctors and she always loved the little while uniforms! So our sexy babe got one for herself and put it on with a pair of white hold ups. Boy did she had fun that day. She thought about herself visiting all her sick and horny patients and taking care of those who needed a little tender love and care! I think Shiva would make a great nurse, would you want me to help her get better?

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Busty 19 Year Old Indian Girl

July 31st, 2016

All Shiva’s pictures and videos and stories are exclusive to her. Shiva doesn’t model for anyone else. So you can only see her pictures here on her private site. Her picture sets are huge, from 50 to 200 pictures in a set and she adds new content every day. All top quality, of course! So if you’re ready to watch busty Indian girl doing crazy stuff, don’t hesitate anymore and visit Shiva Shaw’s private site now!

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Taking A Bath

July 24th, 2016

It was late and Shiva was getting ready for bed. She had been visiting her parents all day and she really needed to jump in the bath and relax but she could hardly wear her Sari and  into the bath - well Shiva could but then they’d be ruined! So our busty Indian cutie laid down on her comfy pillow and started to strip off her stockings, unclipping them from the suspender belt and slowly running them down my legs. It felt good to know that her bath was only 10 minutes away! And she already had the bubbles ready!

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New Sari

July 17th, 2016

In this set Shiva decided to wear her sexy new Sari that she had her family send me from the far India. It was really soft so she wraped herself up nice and snug and then slowly stripped out of it just for you, showing off her gorgeous stockings and white suspender belt, and of course, not forgetting her big boobs! I’d love to have her for my neighbour!

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Red Dress

July 10th, 2016

Shiva was wearing her sexy work clothes in this set - of course she didn’t stay in them for long. Sitting in the kitchen got her all very hot and bothered and so Shiva decided that she needed to get out of them and fast. She unbuttoned her red work shirt and slipped of her short black skirt but this kinky Indian girl kept her sexy pantyhose on - it was then when she realised she had went to work without any panties on! That must have been why Shiva felt a little chilly!

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Shiva Shaw

July 3rd, 2016

Shiva Shaw is gorgeous and busty girl from India. She’s blessed with naturally large breasts, 36G - which is quite unusual for Indian girls! Shiva loves to dress up in sexy little outfits that show her rather large assets! She has real curves and she loves to flaunt them so Shiva decided that being proper wasn’t for her and instead, she broke away from the norm and decided that her naughty side just had to come out! 

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Blowing A Baloon

June 19th, 2016

Ever wondered how to blow a baloon? Well, Shiva was kind enough to show us. For her party she had to blow more than 100 baloons. A real bugger, indeed. And she had to blow them all with her mouth. But it’s simple - you take a baloon in your hand, strech it a bit, then you lick the top of it and take it in your mouth. After that, you blow it until it’s ready for action. But watch it - you don’t want to blow it too much - it can pop if you do ;) Shiva definitely knows how to do her (blow)job. Wanna try her out?

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Party Time

June 12th, 2016

Shiva was having a party and what party is complete with a huge assortment of balloons! Our sexy Indian girl was only half dressed and time was pressing on so she decided that she needed to get those balloons regadless of the fact that she was only wearing her black stockings and suspdender belt and her corset. Of course breathing in enough air to get these balloons blown up was rather difficult but Shiva got there in the end and just had enough time to finish getting dressed!

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